Our focus is support, culture and collaboration

Three RE/MAX Broker owners with extensive combined experience in real estate, real estate 
administration and marketing, always available to answer your questions, listen to your ideas and 
provide mentorship to our newer agents, as needed.

Dedicated Managing Broker focused on ensuring the brokerage and it’s agents operate and
conduct themselves under all current real estate legislation and processes and BCFSA compliance.

Incredible conveyancing and bookkeeping team to ensure every transaction is handled promptly
and accurately to ensure a smooth transaction for our sales associates and their clients.

We are here to support our agents in a competent and positive manner. From that first hello of the day, to launching your listings in a timely manner while working and  ensuring all information recorded is accurate and even to making sure you receive your commission payment accurately and on time, our team is dedicated to a positive experience for your clients and for you!

Transparent communication with the support team at RE/MAX Truepeak Realty and the agents who
choose to work with us, is at the heart of all of the services that we offer. We are here to understand
your concerns and comments at any time.