Selling Your Home

Why Buy with RE/MAX Truepeak?

Knowledge is power and this is particularly true when selling your largest asset - your home. From assessments, to comparable sold and active listings, to overall condition, staging, negotiations and even to special attributes of a property, this is the time to work with experienced agents who have been here before. There is so much that will go into determining your decision to sell, but you can be assured that a RE/MAX Truepeak agent has you covered every step of the way. Here is a simple step by step of at the selling process with a RE/MAX Truepeak Agent:

1. Choose which RE/MAX Truepeak Agent you would like to represent you in the sale of your home:
Just like we mentioned in the buying process, all of our agents exhibit excellence in their field and have the backing of RE/MAX, the most trusted brand in real estate. Click here to access our RE/MAX Truepeak Agent Roster and find the agent that is right for you.

2. Prepare your home for sale:
Our experienced agents know what buyers are looking for in a home and will take the time to walk through your home and advise on any home repairs, furniture that could be removed, and staging required in order to ensure that your home is as marketable as possible. They will talk you through the listing, showings, and even open house processes and provide feedback from the buyers agents if it is supplied. All of these factors contribute to an expedient and successful sale of your home.

3. Determine your homes value and the price you would like to market your home at:
There is so much that goes into pricing a home. Our RE/MAX Truepeak Agents take the time to ensure that no stone is unturned in the market valuation process. Market trends, local trends, recent sales in your neighborhood, other active listings, condition of the home, interest rates, demand and inventory, environmental influences all contribute to the market value of a home. Evaluating these factors will lead to an accurate list price. This is where the experience of a RE/MAX Truepeak Agent truly shines. Choosing an accurate price will set the tone for your entire selling experience.

4. Work with your Agent to accept an offer that suits your goals:
This is an exciting step and what the first three steps have all been leading to - offer time! Your RE/MAX Truepeak Agent will work with you to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident with the price that is being offered, and that you are negotiating on and ultimately accepting. Our agents will work for YOU to ensure that you are satisfied with the sale price of your home, while taking into consideration all factors mentioned above including current market conditions. Choosing to work with a RE/MAX expert matters here!

5. Complete on the sale of your home:
Just like we mentioned in the buying process, your agent and the conveyance team at RE/MAX Truepeak will walk you through every step and ensure that all of the necessary procedures are followed in order for you to complete the sale of your home.

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