August Newsletter


We hope you're all having a great summer! 

It is amazing to see the steady flow of deals that RE/MAX Truepeak agents have been submitting, and we hope your summer has been equally as prosperous with your real estate businesses!
Our number 1 priority since opening has been ensuring all day to day business for RE/MAX Truepeak agents are not affected in any way and that all processes are running smoothly. The number one function of a brokerage is to provide an environment for success for the agents that choose to hang their license there!
From building a comprehensive training schedule, to ensuring that the listing department and conveyance department was set up and going strong on day 1, to setup of all banking and financial regulation, to building brand awareness through social media, contests, websites, it’s been a busy but productive time of building for success!
Stay tuned for exciting fall guest speaker events - we will be sending the details out to all agents from all brokerages and would love for you to attend and learn with us as well as our Vancity Virtual SOCIAL MEDIA FILMING ROOM, pricing and launch - this will also be made available to outside agents, just like our marketing department!
Feel free to reach out any time for details about RE/MAX
Truepeak and enjoy August!

Did you know that we have an AWESOME, IN HOUSE FULL TIME MARKETING DESIGNER? Jodi brings many years of real estate experience and expertise designing everything that a realtor could possibly need to promote their business!
The following is just a list of examples of the type of marketing materials that Jodi builds for agents. You will be billed directly, so the process is simple!  

Simply provide Jodi with the information that you would like to market
and she will make it happen!
  • Folded Listing Brochures
  • Just Listed/Sold Postcards - 6x4, 9x6 or custom size
  • Geo Farming Postcards - 6x4, 9x6 or custom size
  • E-flyers
  • Greeting Cards - birthday, Christmas, House Anniversary, etc
  • Bus Benches
  • For Sale/Open House signs
  • Labels - Return, client, custom
  • Pop-By Tags
  • Seller/Buyers/Various Guides
  • Social Media Graphics - Just Listed/Sold/Market Stats
  • Letterhead
  • Return Envelope
  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Posters
  • In-House signs (please remove shoes, don't let the cat out)
  • Have an idea, but don't see it on the list? Just ask!

    Email Jodi here for more details, and remember, your intellectual property is always your own, and will be supplied to you at any time.